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Группа Аркадий Коц

Москва, Российская Федерация
Группа Аркадий Коц существует c 2010 года, сочиняет в разных музыкальных стилистиках песни на стихи поэтов разных времен, работавших с темами протеста, сопротивления, бунта – Федора Сологуба, Бертольта Брехта, Александра Бренера и других, выступает на акциях солидарности с политзаключенными, считает важным создание новой активистской (антибуржуазной, профсоюзной, феминистской, антифашистской) культуры, преодолевающей как партийно-идеологические, так и субкультурные стереотипы.

Все участники группы участвуют в создании песен, аранжировке, написании и переводе текстов.

The Riot Gang

Punk-rock группа из Санкт-Петербурга.

Группа "Panama"





Spitfire started in 1993, playing garage rockabilly slightly noised music . Later on Spitfire to make more use of noise/garage, and gave up their double bass for an electric bass guitar. While searching for a new sound, they made a program of 60's garage music covers. At the end of 1993, their music had turned into garage punk and finally into ska-core. Saxophonist and a trumpet player transformed the agresstve punk sound into jolly mini-orchestra playing punk-ska.
In 1994 Spitfire first recording session and a new bassist happened. Rapidly the band became one of the most popular bands of the St.Petersburg punk scene. In the end of 1996 their album "Night Hunting".

Later on Spitfire appeared to be involved into intensive festival/touring voyage, covering Germany, Belgium, Finland, Sweden, Denmark, Norway, Lithuania and Belarus. Due to their explosive sound with some jazz and funk grooves was greatly relished by the audience. In October 1998 Spitfire released their first vinyl limited-edition single, produced in Sweden by Zorch Productions, which was followed by record session in Berlin and various music festivals in western Europe. In 2001 the Spitfire's sound got intricate and more powerful due to the keyboard, bariton sax and percussion involvement (collaboration as Ska Jazz Review). The debut album of them was recorded in March 2002.
Spitfire musicians cooperated with famous russian band Leningrad: recorded 4 albums - "For millions" (2003), "Second Magadan" (2003), "Babarobot" (2004), "Huinya" (2005, together with London-based cabaret trio Tiger Lillies) and played many gigs in Russia, Europe and the USA. In January '04 the third Spitfire album "Thrills And Kills" came out both in Europe on German Vielklang label, in Russia it was independent Shnur'OK label. In April '04 musicians recorded the second St. Petersburg as Ska-Jazz Review album "Too Good To Be True". Both were supported by European Tours.
In the spring '04 Spitfire musicians performed as a part of "The Optymistica Orchestra"project. This initial aim of this project was to compose a live soundtrack for the short-cut movies compilation "10 minutes older: the violin". This collaboration resulted it two studio records (2005, 2010)
Kostya, who was one of the originators of Spitfire, left the band in '06 and was substituted for Dima Vatov - the true icon of Russian punk scene. Roma became the new lead singer of Spitfire.
In 2007 a new album of St. Petersburg Ska-Jazz Review "Live at Red Club" was released, it was recorded live in St.Petersburg. Later both "Live at Red Club" and "Too Good To Be True" were re-printed in Japan by P-Vine Records.
A long-awaited fourth Spitfire album "Lifetime Visa" was released in May 2008 on independent Russian label A-One Records.
The Spitfire gigs are known for lots of energy and crowd exaltation. In their music you can hear roared & angry rhythms of a modern punk and hardcore, as well as clear and sharp sound of their three piece horn section with the mix of funk, reggae and, of course, happy and positive ska!

Дальше Мечты

Москва, Российская Федерация
"Дальше мечты" -это качественный поп-панк в твоих колонках и наушниках!Остальное просто не имеет значения!
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